SS21 La Fiesta Handmade Collection

SS21 La Fiesta Handmade Collection

We are so excited to announce that our first handmade collection of 2021 has dropped and is available now! Keep reading, because in this blog post we cover everything you need to know about our gorgeous new La Fiesta designs...

We can all agree that the past year has been a little dull, one way or another. When brainstorming the theme for this collection, we knew it had to be fun and colourful, with a 'feel-good' vibe. This is where 'La Fiesta' was born, which directly translates to 'Party' - and who doesn't love a little party! Our purpose and goal for the collection is for our customer can embrace the party spirit when wearing her custom-made BD design and feel full of life, love and confidence.

The collection offers 6 made-to-order designs, all of which are created by hand in the BD studio by our head designer and assisting team and we ship to our customers worldwide.

All of the designs in this collection are seamless and double layered. The main (outside facing) fabric is a uniquely bold colourful swirl print, with metallic gold accents which sparkle under the light. We personally sourced this fabric from a small overseas supplier, which made its way across the North Atlantic Ocean before reaching the BD studio in London!

The lining (inside facing) fabric is a solid, empowering shade of pink. One thing we particularly love about this fabric is it's eco-friendly qualities. Created using discarded materials such as fishing nets and Tulle, this fabric is 78% Recycled polyamide and 22% Elastane, whilst still meeting our super high standards of quality. Additional key features: suncream, chlorine and oil resistant plus UV protection.

In this collection, you will find 3 bikini top and 3 bikini bottom styles which can all be mix and matched, so you can create your perfect bikini.

- Bellini Bikini Top: A timeless bandeau shape at the front, with a dual string fastening at the back, to give you a custom fit.
- Cosmo Bikini Top: A classic triangle shaped design with adjustable straps which can be tied in a number of unique ways.
- Mai Tai Bikini Top: A pleasurably risqué design for the ladies who aren't afraid to show a little skin.

- Daiquiri Bikini Bottom: A classic cheeky style with a tie-side twist. Designed to sit higher on the hip in a V shape, which creates a gorgeous feminine silhouette.
- Martini Bikini Bottom: A high waisted design with minimal bottom coverage, offering support around the tummy area.
- Spritz Bikini Bottom: A minimal coverage string design which can be adjusted by 'bunching' the fabric along the strings. 

We truly hope you love this collection! To see more, browse the designs and shop, click here.

March 17, 2021 — Ashlea Baker
Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

How well do you know your slow fashion from your fast fashion? - There’s a huge difference!
For those who don’t know, Bakini Deluxe is a premium quality slow fashion brand creating both custom-handmade and ethically manufactured swim designs.

BD Handmade
The handmade designs we produce are made in house at the BD studio located in London (UK) and we ship to our customers all over the globe!

Every element of the process is carried out by our designer and assisting team. From cutting the fabric by hand to our customers unique size, sewing every seam and making the elasticated straps from scratch, to delicately packaging up each individual order, finished up with a lovely BD ribbon!

We are constantly searching for and sourcing unique fabrics from small suppliers all over the world and we place orders for only small amounts of fabric, to ensure we can keep each collection exclusive.

Our designs are made to last. As long as you care for your design as instructed, your BD swimwear will remain vibrant and in-tact season upon season of sun chasing!

BD Manufactured
Our manufactured sets are sketched and designed here in the BD studio and are physically made in Europe by close suppliers who we have carefully chosen end formed strong relationships with. We take immense pride in our designs and It’s super important to us to know exactly how and where the items are sewn, in which conditions, where the fabrics are sourced from and staff conditions. We only work with manufacturers that meet our super high standards. We choose quality over quantity always.

Nearly all of the fabrics we use (for both handmade and manufactured designs) are eco-friendly. Created with regenerated nylon, 
using discarded materials which directly tackles worldwide waste issues. This includes the ocean waste crisis, recycling fishing nets and tulle into premium grade swimwear fabrics.
The work and effort which goes into creating such economical fabrics comes at a premium cost, and this is reflected in the high quality which can be seen and felt in our designs.

So remember, next time you wear your BD design, it’s really been a worldwide tag-team effort to create your beautiful swim style!
March 12, 2021 — Ashlea Baker
The Rise Of The Cheeky Coverage Bikini Bottom

The Rise Of The Cheeky Coverage Bikini Bottom

In recent years, cheeky coverage bottoms have gained huge popularity and we have A LOT of time for it! For those who don't want to bare all in a thong, but also don't like the appearance full coverage, this is a perfect in-between solution which suits all.

When designing our latest Colour Duo: Neutrals collection, deciding on the bottom coverage was a no brainer, it had to be cheeky and there's more than one reason why:

1) Elongate the legs
Fun fact - bikini bottoms with lesser coverage create the appearance of longer legs, and lets face it - who wouldn't want that! We may not all be graced with Bella Hadid pins, but we can absolutely enhance our own beautiful silhouettes with this design.

2) Round off the derrière
No squats required. A cheeky coverage bikini will frame your shape and emphasise the natural roundness.

3) Minimal tan lines
It's the sun-kissed cheeks for us! Keeping tan lines minimal whilst retaining modesty, perfect for days under the sun without feeling too exposed.

Let's face it, stripping down into a bikini can at times feel daunting and ultimately the most important factor to consider when choosing your perfect bikini is how wearing it makes YOU feel. I recommend trying a variety of styes to find out which makes you feel the most confident version of yourself.

Why not try before you buy? Shop our Colour Duo: Neutrals collection and pay later with Klarna whilst stocks last. Click here to see more.

February 07, 2021 — Ashlea Baker
The Colour Duo: Neutrals 2021 Collection

The Colour Duo: Neutrals 2021 Collection

Colour Duo: Neutrals


Drop no.1 of our debut 2021 collection is now LIVE for pre-order! It's great to be back, as since the start of the year our site has been offline whilst we were refreshing and preparing to launch and it's super exciting to share this with you! In this blog, I will be providing some insight into the new collection.


The Process

One of our core aims is to produce swimwear that our supporters and customers will love, and to find out what it is you love, we carried out market research with selected customers (big thank you again to those who took part). We learnt that fit and sizing were super important, along with product quality and stock availability. When designing this collection, we constantly referenced our research findings to ensure the product we're creating is in line with what our customer is calling for.



We chose to create the sets with triangle shaped tops because this is such a timeless style which has never and will never go out of fashion. Whether you are small or large busted, this versatile design can be adjusted to your unique size, which is one of the great features of string straps. To provide shape retention, all of the straps and seams are elasticated, which means your Bakini wont go baggy or loose its shape when wet, and on that note, our designs are created for both poolside posing and taking a dip, so you can feel comfortable and confident doing both!

The cheeky coverage bottoms are high cut and have been purposefully designed to sit high on the hip, which creates a super flattering V shape effect on the body. This accentuates the natural shape of your body, whichever shape body you have. The structured, zig-zag stitched seams have been designed to prevent seam rolling and holds the bottom flat on your body, preventing unwanted wedgies! Every detail has been carefully considered and we are super happy with the quality of our designs.


Neutral Colour Palette

The final colour combinations were selected after many weeks of deliberation! We posted a number of polls on our social media platforms to gauge what shades were popular with our following and we are so happy with the final selections.

The Desert Glow Bakini is made with Nude and Burnt Orange fabrics and was created with inspiration from the sand dunes of the middle east. This set gives us all the golden hour goodness we could ever want! 

The Tropical Sand set is made with Khaki and Nude fabrics which compliment each-other perfectly. We took inspiration from the landscape of Thailand for this set and it's safe to say that you guys are loving it just as much as we are!


From myself and the team at Bakini, we sincerely hope you love these new designs and we would absolutely love your comments and feedback!

Speak soon,

Owner, founder, designer

January 15, 2021 — Ashlea Baker