How well do you know your slow fashion from your fast fashion? - There’s a huge difference!
For those who don’t know, Bakini Deluxe is a premium quality slow fashion brand creating both custom-handmade and ethically manufactured swim designs.

BD Handmade
The handmade designs we produce are made in house at the BD studio located in London (UK) and we ship to our customers all over the globe!

Every element of the process is carried out by our designer and assisting team. From cutting the fabric by hand to our customers unique size, sewing every seam and making the elasticated straps from scratch, to delicately packaging up each individual order, finished up with a lovely BD ribbon!

We are constantly searching for and sourcing unique fabrics from small suppliers all over the world and we place orders for only small amounts of fabric, to ensure we can keep each collection exclusive.

Our designs are made to last. As long as you care for your design as instructed, your BD swimwear will remain vibrant and in-tact season upon season of sun chasing!

BD Manufactured
Our manufactured sets are sketched and designed here in the BD studio and are physically made in Europe by close suppliers who we have carefully chosen end formed strong relationships with. We take immense pride in our designs and It’s super important to us to know exactly how and where the items are sewn, in which conditions, where the fabrics are sourced from and staff conditions. We only work with manufacturers that meet our super high standards. We choose quality over quantity always.

Nearly all of the fabrics we use (for both handmade and manufactured designs) are eco-friendly. Created with regenerated nylon, 
using discarded materials which directly tackles worldwide waste issues. This includes the ocean waste crisis, recycling fishing nets and tulle into premium grade swimwear fabrics.
The work and effort which goes into creating such economical fabrics comes at a premium cost, and this is reflected in the high quality which can be seen and felt in our designs.

So remember, next time you wear your BD design, it’s really been a worldwide tag-team effort to create your beautiful swim style!
March 12, 2021 — Ashlea Baker