In recent years, cheeky coverage bottoms have gained huge popularity and we have A LOT of time for it! For those who don't want to bare all in a thong, but also don't like the appearance full coverage, this is a perfect in-between solution which suits all.

When designing our latest Colour Duo: Neutrals collection, deciding on the bottom coverage was a no brainer, it had to be cheeky and there's more than one reason why:

1) Elongate the legs
Fun fact - bikini bottoms with lesser coverage create the appearance of longer legs, and lets face it - who wouldn't want that! We may not all be graced with Bella Hadid pins, but we can absolutely enhance our own beautiful silhouettes with this design.

2) Round off the derrière
No squats required. A cheeky coverage bikini will frame your shape and emphasise the natural roundness.

3) Minimal tan lines
It's the sun-kissed cheeks for us! Keeping tan lines minimal whilst retaining modesty, perfect for days under the sun without feeling too exposed.

Let's face it, stripping down into a bikini can at times feel daunting and ultimately the most important factor to consider when choosing your perfect bikini is how wearing it makes YOU feel. I recommend trying a variety of styes to find out which makes you feel the most confident version of yourself.

Why not try before you buy? Shop our Colour Duo: Neutrals collection and pay later with Klarna whilst stocks last. Click here to see more.

February 07, 2021 — Ashlea Baker