Established in the autumn of 2019 by founder Ashlea Baker, Bakini Deluxe proudly began its journey creating exclusively handmade swimwear. Since then, the brand has evolved into a premium slow fashion brand creating sustainable made-to-order and ethical pre-made designs.


The BD studio is based in East London (UK) within a solar powered converted shipping container! This means, all of our designs are created using energy harnessed from the sun. We ship to our customers worldwide from the studio, which is where all of our designs are created.


The heartbeat of BD is our customer and our mission to continuously produce a variety designs which you will love and feel confident and comfortable wearing. One of the main driving forces behind BD is body confidence and we strive to empower every woman who wears one of our designs to feel the most beautiful version of herself.


Our made-to-order designs are created in-house at the BD studio and every element is carried out by our designer and assisting team. From cutting the fabric by hand to our customers specified size, creating and attaching each individual strap, buckle and/or accessory, to delicately packaging up each order, finished off with a beautiful white satin ribbon. Attention to detail in paramount: stitching is always tested prior to production, our fabrics are hand-cut in a particular way to provide the best possible stretch and every seam is elasticated to allow for wet and dry shape retention and hold on the body.


Our pre-made designs are are brainstormed, sketched and designed in house at the BD studio and are ethically made in Europe. We work with only high-end manufacturers with ethical values, and it is important for us to know exactly how and where our designs are made and the conditions of the staff who are physically making the products. We value quality over quantity and all of our products are quality checked before leaving the studio and must meet our high standards before being sent out - we take great pride in our work